Friday 17 June 2011

Safe in the Knowledge

Safe Handle
I was following a van down the motorway yesterday, and on the back it had the strapline "Safe in the knowledge"

What a great strapline for someone promoting Knowledge Management!

The van was owned by the Health Commission, and it is this message they are promoting - "you are safe in the health service, because we have the knowledge" - but it could be used by anyone promoting the value of knowledge, and therefore the importance of knowledge management.

(For our non-native speaking English readers, if you do something safe in the knowledge that something else is the case, you do the first thing confidently because you are sure of the second thing.)

Knowledge allows you to act confidently and safely.

Knowledge management is therefore a management approach to esuring that people have the access to the knowledge they need, in order to be able to act confidently and safely.

If your company has effective knowledge management, then it can remain "safe in the knowledge".

If it hasn't, then maybe that safety is illusory.

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