Monday 4 April 2011

Fluor success stories

A great article here on KM at Flour by Rob Koene mentions the following success stories

Success stories

The value of sharing knowledge is best illustrated with success stories. They range from discovering that our in-house expert on Russian pressure vessel codes lives in Houston, Texas, to receiving a solution in just a day to a complex software problem that the vendor had been unable to solve for more than six weeks, to engineers working globally to save a client €1m on a clean-fuels project.

For example, a Fluor client was trying to stretch its 30-year-old control system for a power station for another 15-year service. The original vendor no longer existed and getting the system repaired was difficult. The Fluor site manager visited the control systems community forum and asked for advice.

The result came back within 24 hours from a contact at another client’s power station that was replacing the same type of control system with a more modern one. The second client was happy to sell the old equipment and also provided the details of the engineer who built and maintained the instruments. Through this capability, Fluor is seen as a strong facilitator of knowledge and expertise across the industry.

Another example: a Fluor office was trying to qualify for a chemical giant’s business. The client questioned the office’s level of experience with Fieldbus (a method for instrument and control wiring). During a break, an engineer searched Fluor’s knowledge communities for ‘Fieldbus’, found 30 ‘knowledge objects’ (including a list of Fluor’s global experience) and reported the results to the client. They were suitably impressed and the office qualified for the project.

Good stuff, Fluor

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