Wednesday 25 August 2010

KM maturity models

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I have been in several discussions recently about KM maturity models, and we offer a simple maturity model here.

However I am increasingly of the opinion that a maturity model is the wrong tool to use.

We no longer see KM as a capability that matures, we see it as a management approach (or a management framework) that is either in place, or not in place. So nowadays we in Knoco see three main metrics, which cannot easily be combined into a single maturity mode, as they represent phase-changes in the implementation.
1. A gap analysis metric, which measures whats missing from a complete KM framework - what roles, accountabilities, processes and technologies are missing, and so need to be introduced.
2. A metric which measures introduction of these roles, accountabilities, processes and technologies - from zero to 100% (a roll-out metric if you like)
3. A metric to measure application of the complete framework. Who is using it, and who isnt. You use this to drive recognition, reward, sanction and intervention, and also to drive maintenance and upgrade of the KM framework

Then on top of this you would have a business outcome metric and/or a value metric, to see whether KM is having the business impact that is needed.

If you try and measure all this with a single measure, you can't separate out the intervention you need to make.

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