Wednesday 30 June 2010

New KM educational/reference site

I don't think I have announced this here yet; we've just put together a reference site for Knowledge Management at the Knoco website. This site presents some of the basics around the KM processes, roles, technologies and governance, and contains the following sections;

We hope this is useful! Please let us know if we've missed anything important!!


Atle Iversen said...

Looks very promising !

The FAQ section alone should help a lot of people get a basic understanding of KM and the challenges it represents.

Any plans for wrapping everything into a "Knoco Knowledge Management Guide" pdf for download and printing ? Maybe update once a year - could be nice to give to clients as well ?

Btw, the "km models" isn't integrated in the reference section (menus to the left)

Nick Milton said...

Tusentakk Atle

I have updated the Models section so it fits the others

Hmmm - hadn't thought of the "KM guide" - there may be merit in this as an ebook. I will talk it through with the guys and see what we think.

Interesting idea - thanks

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