Thursday 6 May 2010

KM - what tools are people looking for?

One of the things we offer on the Knoco website are a set of free reference papers and KM templates.

It is interesting to look at the frequency of requests for the various reference papers (blue) and templates (red), to see what people are interested in. And it seems like Knowledge Management Plans is a clear winner (we can discount the Communication Plan slightly, as this is not KM-specific) in terms of popularity, followed closely by KM Self Assessment. The Lessons Log template seems less popular only because it has only just been released. I suspect it will grow in popularity over time.

More surprising, perhaps, to see the traditional core KM tools of Peer Assist, Learning History and Retrospect at the bottom of the list, unless people feel they can access reference resources from elsewhere.

If you are interested in any of these tools and references, please visit our downloads page.

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