Monday 26 April 2010

Knowledge management in the public sector

Our latest Knoco newsletter is now available here, and covers KM in the public sector.

We talk about what makes the public sector different, describe what we have seen in the Australian public sector, and list a few public sector initiatives we have been involved with.

My own view is that KM is that the approach to KM in the public sector should be no different from the approach for the private sector. You should

1. Identify the business issues which Knowledge can help solve
2. Identify the key knowledge which will help solve the issues
3. Map out how knowledge can flow systematically and routinely to the people who need it in order to solve the issue
4. Put in place the structures that allow this to happen
5. Put in place the governance that ensures these structures will be applied

All of these steps are harder to define in the public sector, but the overall set of steps should be the same.

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