Thursday 29 April 2010

KM, what are people talking about?

Every day I get a email from Google, containing a day's worth of alerts of new web pages featuring the term "knowledge management".

I thought it would be interesting to review these alerts, to see what people are talking about in terms of KM in 2010.

Here are the results, having first removed the very large number that were talking about something else, but had "knowledge managament" somewhere else on the page.

22 of the alerts were job vacancies. That surprised me. 13 were KM jobs, the others mentioned knowledge management as one of the tasks or roles.

14 took me to web pages, blog posts or book reviews which were about "other technology". I say "other technology" to differentiate from the 8 which were about social media. Other technology included portals, "KM systems" etc

There were a whole number of conference and workshop announcements. Then quite a few about KM processes, such as knowledge retention, or various types of knowledge workshop.

6 I have called "KM application" as they represent the application of KM - people sharing things through wikis, people posting their details on KM sites etc.

5 were definitions or distinctions - posts or pages about KM itself. Then we had more on KM strategy, KM and culture, KM implementation, Communities, storytelling, and personal KM.

So what can we conclude?

1. There are quite a few Km jobs about. That's good news.
2. There is still a potential overemphasis on technology; social or otherwise, but not as big an overemphasis as I expected to find.
3. However in general there's a wide and diverse understanding of KM out there, and lots of good stuff being shared.

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