Thursday 17 December 2009

another great Boston Square

I am sure I have said before, that Boston Squares are great for pulling apart a topic, and allowing you to untangle some thoughts which otherwise might get lumped together.

Here's one I used the other day, and it was useful to help an organisation realise how polarised it's KM thinking had become.

Here we pull apart the KM world on dimensions of Knowledge Push and Knowledge Pull (which you might call "Sharing" and "seeking"), and the dimensions of Explicit and Tacit. We get 4 quadrants, which we could call Ask, Tell, Search, Share

This helped the particular organisation see for themselves that their KM approach was predicated only on Share - the Push of Explicit material. 75% of KM space was not being addressed!*

How much of this diagram does YOUR KM program address?

*Part of the problem was that they had rebadged KM as "knowledge sharing", which led them down that particular track.

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