Saturday 10 October 2009

The KM culture change

To illustrate this post about the nature of the KM culture change, I have recorded another YouTube video

Culture has been a theme of many posts to this blog - click on "Culture" in the Labels section to the right, to view some of them.


Stuart Reid said...

Thanks for that Nick. I was very interested in what you said at the very end of the video, about changing cultures. I wonder if you could say more about that in a future post or video?

The shift you were describing from knowledge as an individual's advantage to knowledge as a collective asset struck me as very similar to the shift that is happening as a result of the use of social media. The organisations and individuals who seem to me to be handling it best are those who give away knowledge for free rather than hoarding it (in the way you are doing on your site). This gives them a different source of advantage, as it establishes their reputations and makes them the go-to people in the eyes of people like me.

Nick Milton said...

Hi Stuart - thanks for the feedback!!

I looked at some of the issues of changing cultures here

and here

Do these address what you are after, or is there something else you would like me to elaborate on?

Unknown said...

This is good stuff. Thanks for putting this together.

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