Friday 22 May 2009

7 lessons for change

A great blog post from Seth Kahan about leading KM change at World Bank.

Tom and I know that implementing KM is a change process, and our implementation model is based on staged change, so a lot of what Seth writes about, really resonates with us. Here are his 7 lessons

1. Communicate so people get it and spread it.
2. Identify and energize your most valuable players.
3. Understand the territory of change.
4. Accelerate evolution through communities.
5. Blow through bottlenecks and logjams.
6. Create dramatic surges in progress.
7. Keep your focus when change comes fast.

re numbers 1,2,3 - thats where you need your stakeholder mapping and your communication planning

re number 4 - it may be communities, it may not, but it will certainly be through networking. (I say it may not, as there have been some cultures we have worked with, where communities fell flat)

re number 5 - well, yes, so long as you don't run people over! I have seen KM programs come to grief when people get bulldozed. Blow through, but without colateral damage!

re number 6 - absolutely! Thats where you need to select your pilots - select them to succeed

Re number 7 - we call it "be prepared for outrageous success". Many times we have seen companies prepared for difficulties, but caught on the back foot when KM takes off like a rocket.

Thanks Seth, good post

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