Thursday 26 February 2009

The Value of Knowledge Management (2)

A client asked me to record the video below, as a response to a challenging question he had been asked - "How many more barrels of produced oil will Knowledge Management deliver?" This is a challenging quesiton, but very valid. It is aimed at the heart of the question of the value of knowledge management.

You don't introduce knowledge management because it's Good Thing, or because it's the latest fad, or because it will help people connect with one another - you introduce knowledge management because it makes sound business sense.

I try to address aspects of this argument in the video below.

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Vince Polley said...

This is spot-on. KM projects *MUST* be aligned with independent business objectives -- this enables "buy-in" (from affected managers), and yields metrics. "How many barrels?" is exactly the sort of question each KM project should be based upon.

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