Sunday 22 February 2009

People, Process and Technology in Knowledge Management

The mantra of "people process and technology" is a pervasive one in Knowledge Management, which we were using in BP in the mid 90s, and which is still quoted today. However it is often quoted without explanation of what it means or what it refers to, which is why I have put this post together.

For me, these three items are the three main dimensions of the management system needed to sustain KM (or the three main enablers, if you prefer). They are also the main dimensions of any management system, as I explain in the video, but they are as applicable to Knowledge Management as they are to finance management, content management, or people management.

I have seen people add a fourth circle, which they call "Content" or "Information" or even "Knowledge". For me, this addition represents something different - namely the object of the management system, rather than the component dimensions. If I were to add any other circle, it might be something like "Governance", though again this is different, being higher than the other three.

Also in my experience, the People circle is best used to represent the structure of roles and accountabilities that is introduced as part of the management system. I explain more below, in the video.

see more knowledge management video here

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