Monday 8 August 2022

The Learning Maniac Pledge at WD40 - an example of how to set cultural expectations for learning and sharing.

Described in a Harvard Business School article from 2016, here is the pledge that WD40 staff take to commit to organisational-wide sharing and learning. 

This is the Learning Manic Pledge; part of WD40's "tribal culture".

The pledge is as follows:

I am responsible for taking action, asking questions, getting answers, and making decisions. I won’t wait for someone to tell me. If I need to know, I’m responsible for asking. I have no right to be offended that I didn’t “get this sooner.” If I’m doing something others should know about, I’m responsible for telling them.

This is a really great way to give permission, and set the expectation, that people will ask, learn, and share as part of the culture, and as a daily habit. 

In the video below, WD40 CEO, Garry Ridge, explains how this pledge is used to decentralize the responsibility for accountability and learning out to the employees within the organisation. Also see the way he talks about "learning moments" as opportunities to improve. 

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