Thursday 6 June 2019

How are you planning to use the new ISO KM Standard? Survey, and results

It looks like there is quite a lot of interest in ISO 30401, the ISO management systems standard for Knowledge Management. 

This blog post gives you the results of a recent poll, and the chance to submit your own views, concerning usage of the ISO KM standard.

On Tuesday, the organizers of the KMUK conference ran an online poll, after I had delivered the opening address discussing the standard, its genesis, its structure, and ways in which it can be used. The poll asked "How are you planning to use the new ISO KM Standard" and provided three options;
  • Buy a copy as a useful guide to KM development
  • No plans to engage with it
  • Applying for certification
I had already explained in the keynote that certification, in the sense that it is applied to ISO 9001, is not possible until the accreditation bodies accredit certification companies, so I suspect the last option was interpreted as "aiming to be audited against the standard."

The results of the 27 replies received are shown in the chart below. 

These results, albeit from a limited sample, suggest that over 60% intend to engage with the standard in some way, with 7% wishing to demonstrate compliance.

But how about you?

Use the poll below to give your views. Note I have used 5 options, so even if you voted at KMUK, please vote again

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