Thursday 15 November 2018

The principle of local value in KM

KM will be adopted if people can see local value - value to them - in using it

Former Value City Department Store in Boardman, Ohio How can we help people see that Knowledge Management is a "good thing"?

People need to see not only that Knowledge Management delivers value to the organisation, but also that it delivers value to them as individuals. So talk to them, and find out

  • What are their local business challenges?
  • What are their local "hot issues"?
  • What knowledge would help them with these issues and challenges?
  • How could Knowledge Management give them access to this knowledge?

Then find some stories or case studies, where other people in similar situations have been able to use Knowledge Management not only to deliver business results, but also to make their own lives easer.

Go by the "Principle of Local Value".

People will adopt a new idea, provided they see it as having tangible value in the local setting. Help them see the local value.

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