Friday 4 May 2018

6 Ps for the knowledge champion

Courtesy of Andrew Trickett, from Arup, here are 6 Ps that knowledge champions and knowledge managers must demonstrate

Knowledge champions are an important part of many KM programs, extending the reach and influence of the KM team and acting as ambassadors for, and facilitators of, KM in their part of the business. But what characteristics are you looking for in a KM Champion, or indeed for a Knowledge Manager?

Andrew Trickett, Knowledge Manager for the Ove Arup Rail business, believes they need 6 qualities, all beginning with P.

They must have Passion for KM. They need to be enthusiastic about the topic, and really believe in the power of KM to support knowledge workers and drive business performance.  
They must have Persistence. The road to KM is long and sometimes hard, and people will need a lot of convincing.  The KM champion must be persistent; prepared to repeat the message as many times as it takes. 
They must solve Problems. KM will be valued by the knowledge workers and the business if it solves problems for them, so this must be an area of focus for the KM champions. 
They must make always seek to make Progress. They need to be able to demonstrate business progress through KM, and progress of KM through the business.
They must keep their Promises.  The KM culture relies on trust, and people must be able to trust the KM champions to do what they said they would do. If they promise to hold a workshop, or to connect people for knowledge sharing, or to facilitate a meeting, then they must keep their promise.  
They must help people take Pride in their work. The link between KM and pride is an interesting one, which I will revisit in a later blog post. 

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