Tuesday 13 March 2018

Example KM policy - AVANGRID

Here's a great principles-based KM Policy

Avangrid is a US-based service company in the Energy Market. Their website says "Our 6,800 employees collaborate to deliver projects that power America’s future, provide clean energy and improve customers’ lives and communities". To support this collaboration, they recently published this Knowledge Management Policy, most of which I reproduce below.

I really like the vision of making knowledge a common asset, and aligning it with strategic competencies.

The Board of Directors of Avangrid, Inc. (“Avangrid”) oversees the management of Avangrid and its business with a view to enhance the long-term value of Avangrid for its shareholders. The Board of Directors of Avangrid (the “Board of Directors”) has adopted this Knowledge Management Policy (this “Policy”) to assist in exercising its responsibilities to Avangrid and its shareholders .....
1. Purpose 
The effective development, dissemination, sharing, and protection of Avangrid’s intellectual capital enhances operational efficiency and is a key element in creating sustainable value for Avangrid’s shareholders. As part of Avangrid’s efforts to implement best practices in knowledge management, this Policy sets forth the main principles that will guide the Avangrid Group in the appropriate dissemination, sharing, and protection of existing knowledge and the implementation of initiatives, procedures, and tools that enable its directors, officers, and employees to benefit from the continuous learning and cultural exchange opportunities. 
2. Principles 
To achieve these goals, Avangrid will endeavor to: 
a) Identify the existing knowledge held by each person and working group within the Avangrid Group and promote the further development of such knowledge. To the extent strategically beneficial and permitted by applicable law, the Avangrid Group will make existing and newly developed knowledge accessible to all other members of the Avangrid Group in order to maximize operational efficiency. 
b) To the extent strategically beneficial and permitted by applicable law, integrate the Avangrid Group’s tangible and intangible assets in order to create an intelligent organizational structure that rewards continuous learning and innovation. 
c) Align knowledge management with the competences and requirements set out in the Avangrid Group’s strategy. 
d) Develop standard systems of knowledge management, identification, and protection across the Avangrid Group that streamlines the proper dissemination and sharing of knowledge within Avangrid Group and enhances operational efficiencies. This will include identifying, developing and putting into places the resources necessary to foster knowledge sharing to the great extent possible through efficient internal dissemination and training; where appropriate, creating and enhancing organizational networks throughout the Avangrid Group; and enhancing the cohesion of existing working groups and teams. 
e) Evaluate the existing knowledge within the Avangrid Group in a consistent manner so that the Board of Directors and, where appropriate, management can assess the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented under this Policy, make changes and improvements where necessary, and promote new innovations in knowledge management. 
f) Respect the intellectual and intangible property rights of third parties in the knowledge management of the Avangrid Group.

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