Tuesday 9 January 2018

The state of the UK KNowledge Management job market

Courtesy of IT Jobswatch, UK, here is a summary of the state of UK IT-related KM job market

Basically, the job market is much the same or slightly better than last year, and a bit worse than it was 2 years ago. Median UK salaries seem pretty constant.  These figures were copied in December

Knowledge Management
6 months to
12 Dec 2017
Same period 2016Same period 2015
Rank change year-on-year+69-110+54
Permanent jobs citing Knowledge Management398371590
As % of all permanent IT jobs advertised in the UK0.22%0.20%0.28%
As % of the Processes & Methodologiescategory0.25%0.22%0.31%
Number of salaries quoted228253459
UK median annual salary£49,500£45,000£50,000
Median salary % change year-on-year+10.00%-10.00%-16.67%
10th Percentile£26,000£26,400£26,650
90th Percentile£87,375£82,500£81,250
UK excluding London median annual salary£35,500£37,500£47,500
% change year-on-year-5.33%-21.05%-13.64%

When you delve into the details a bit, it seems as if they are counting every job where "knowledge management" is mentioned in the job description. Therefore these are not all KM jobs, but have some relation to KM (for example analysts, part of whose role is to input content into a Knowledge management system).

The same figures are shown below for Knowledge Manager jobs, sampled last week.

Knowledge Manager
6 months to
3 Jan 2018
Same period 2017Same period 2016
Rank change year-on-year+20+86+37
Permanent jobs requiring a Knowledge Manager11617
As % of all permanent IT jobs advertised in the UK0.006%0.003%0.008%
As % of the Job Titles category0.007%0.003%0.008%
Number of salaries quoted4210
UK median annual salary£65,000£36,781£55,500
Median salary % change year-on-year+76.72%-33.73%+70.77%
10th Percentile£39,450£33,128£37,125
90th Percentile£68,500£39,459£71,250
UK excluding London median annual salary£47,000-£37,500

Again there is little significant change over the past 2 years, although the sample size is small. These "Knowledge Manger" jobs are all proper KM jobs.

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