Thursday 3 August 2017

Example KM role description - IAEA

Here is another example KM role description - this time for a Knowledge Managment Officer at the International Atomic Energy Authority.

This is a pretty high level governance role for KM, and it is described here as follows:

Main purpose

The Knowledge Management Officer's main purpose is to provide expert advice on the development and implementation of the IAEA Knowledge Management System.


The Knowledge Management Officer is
  1. an expert in knowledge management, providing advice to identify, develop and implement effective knowledge management practices in the IAEA, and 
  2. coordinator and advocate of knowledge management-related practices and activities within the Secretariat. 


The Knowledge Manager Officer liaises with the Chair, the Scientific Secretary and the members of the IAEA's Interdepartmental Steering Group for Corporate Knowledge Management (ISG/CKM), the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA), and the Management Coordinator/Advisor of the Department of Management and other IAEA Senior Managers in the development and implementation of the IAEA CKM System and promotes awareness and acceptance of CKM initiatives throughout the IAEA.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Develop departmental and cross-departmental systems and processes to ensure an effective and integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving and sharing IAEA information assets, as needed to enhance efficiencies and communication in support of a one-house approach and other modern management initiatives and processes, such as results-based management, risk management, quality management.
  • Provide expert advice to the Chair, the Scientific Secretary and the members of the Interdepartmental Steering Group (ISG)/Corporate Knowledge Management (CKM) on the development and implementation of the IAEA CKM System and follow up on the implementation of actions in the work plan and tasks.
  • Further the sustainability of OLA's knowledge management processes, building KM capacity through training and transfer of knowledge and skills, integration of the IAEA CKM System in OLA and on related policy matters.
  • Develop new approaches for the Department of Management on matters related to the IAEA's CKM System and in relation to streamlining of work processes to support the use of AIPS as a key CKM tool in the IAEA.
  • Identify, assess and recommend opportunities to further best practices in the IAEA's CKM System.
  • Identify and recommend ways to create, share and utilize knowledge within the IAEA to contribute to a culture of knowledge sharing among cross-departmental teams to 'institutionalize' CKM practices.
  • Review and evaluate policies, procedures and related roles and make recommendations with the objective to support the sustainability and continuity of the IAEA's CKM System.
  • Propose and coordinate communication and training programs designed to enhance awareness of the IAEA's CKM System (for staff joining and leaving the IAEA).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Project management experience and a proven track record of designing, planning and implementing KM-related initiatives, including organization-wide implementation of programs and events that involve knowledge creation and sharing.
  • In-depth knowledge of modern leadership practices and management concepts.
  • In-depth knowledge of techniques and methods for mapping/measuring/analysing business processes.
  • Experience in implementing change in an organizational environment and in CKM activities.
  • Extensive practical experience in applying information technology to the implementation of KM and knowledge sharing strategies.
  • Sound knowledge of the IAEA's CKM System.
  • Experience in organizational/leadership development, management, coaching and training.

Education, Experience and Language Skills

  • Advanced university degree in knowledge management, business administration or related field.
  • Minimum of seven years of experience in knowledge management-related positions or other relevant experience.
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English essential. Knowledge of another official IAEA language (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish) an asset.

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