Wednesday 14 June 2017

Quanitified value story number 111, multiple benefits at Goodyear Tire company

As the 111th entry in our ever-growing list of examples of Quanitified Benefit from Knowledge Management, here is a story on value and value measurement at Goodyear Tire Company, described by KM World Magazine.

Goodyear use what they call "value pyramids" for each key KM initative, to track knowledge impact on delivery results, Using this approach, they have identified the following KM value impact:

  • a 50 percent reduction in development cycle time;
  • associates using KM-developed Learning Journals achieve competency three months faster
  • project teams using the Knowledge Sweep method/service have saved up to eight weeks in development time, and 
  • the ACE Lessons Learned method has resulted in numerous updates to design standards.

This has been delivered through:

  • findability skills, 
  • online collaboration habits, 
  • expertise definition and location, 
  • lessons learned definition and sharing, 
  • use of and benefits of tagging, 
  • cross-functional and cross-geographical valuation, 
  • knowledge worker recognition methods and 
  • multigenerational team approach. 

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