Monday 31 October 2016

Youtube webinar on the past, present and future of KM

A couple of weeks ago I gave a webinar on "Knowledge Management; past, present and future" for the KnowTouch series in Germany.

You can find a recording of the Webinar on Youtube, and embedded below.

In the webinar, I cover

  • The current situation for KM, namely an ongoing confusion with IM, an ongoing fixation with technology, and a common set of implementation pitfalls;
  • Ways in which a common picture of KM is, however, beginning to emerge;
  • KM 20 years ago, with the same confusion, fixation and pitfalls;
  • A dystopian future view where the topic remains confused and fixated, and KM projects have the same failure mechanisms, and
  • A preferred future view, aided by the ISO KM standard (under preparation), where KM is defined as a management discipline in its own right, delivered through a framework of roles, processes, technologies and governance.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed the Webinar, lots of good points and ideas. Strange that you made a comment about Yammer, as when they introduced it in Shell it was just thrown into the mix and nobody knew what to do with it, no information was ever processed. The result was we used to get the same banal questions/ answers ten times a week, as nobody looked at the 'saved' material, which only had a very short life anyway. I thought it was a waste of an opportunity for a mini-KM system, and the 'moderator' position appointed to it was an IT technical person only there to make sure the app worked.

Myles Burke

Nick Milton said...

Thanks Myles, that's very interesting. What software are the Shell communities using nowadays for discussion then? Still SiteScape as in the old days?

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