Tuesday 22 March 2016

Open Knowledge Management masterclass, later this year.

I will be running a three-day KM masterclass later this year, for general sign-up.

The course, advertised here, is administered by Nautilus, and will run in London between November 21 and 23.

If you are interested please book via the Nautilus website. Click on the "View" button to see booking details, as shown in the picture to the right. 

The course will cover the following elements:

What is KM 1
  • Stories, analysis and discussion
What is KM 2
  • Basic definitions
  • A set of models to be used through the rest of the course
  • Self-assessment of the current state
Bird Island
  • Experimentation with Knowledge Management in a practical exercise
  • Understanding and illustrating the link between Knowledge and Value
Knowledge Capture
  • How and when knowledge capture is needed
  • Knowledge capture processes at project level - After Action Review and Retrospect
  • Knowledge capture from individuals
  • Practising the skills of knowledge capture
Knowledge Packaging
  • The principles of packaging knowledge for others to re-use
  • Knowledge packaging exercise
Knowledge Access and Re-use
  • The concept of the Knowledge management plan
  • Build your own KM plan
Communities of Practice and Knowledge Transfer
  • Millionaire game
  • Community of practice principles
  • Collaboration and community technologies
  • Peer Assist and other methods of transfer
Knowledge Management Frameworks and Strategies
  • The elements of a KM framework
  • Case history work
Knowledge Management Implementation (1)
  • KM strategies
  • Knowledge retention strategy
  • Build your own strategy
Knowledge Management Implementation (2)
  • Piloting and implementation
  • Business Pilot selection and analysis
Knowledge Culture
  • Cultural analysis and cultural elements
  • KM implementation and culture change strategies
  • Governance for KM
Action Plan
  • What, when and how will you implement what you have learnt?
  • First steps on return to the office?
  • Who else needs to be involved?
  • What support do you need?

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