Wednesday 13 January 2016

Quantified KM success story number 97

This story, told by Praba Nair to the green Chameleon team in Singapore, contains evidence of value from Knowledge Management, and Praba was able later to quantify some of that value for me

According to Praba
“I’ve been working on a project in Sri Lanka to reduce the maternal mortality rate (MMR) in two of their tea plantations. The project focused on identifying the knowledge gaps of the health care providers and receivers of the preventive and curative maternal health care services in the tea plantation estate sector... 
We set up a KM Centre in the Gampola Base Hospital for knowledge sharing between doctors, nurses and paramedics. We set up a hotline for the two estates, whereby consultants can give advice to the estate medical staff for the high risk pregnant women while help gets to them. This is available 24 hours 7 days a week.
I found this project especially fulfilling as we have seen tangible results. The mortality rate has gone down [by 77%]. The health of estate workers has improved. Productivity has also improved according to the superintendents of the two estates [by 2.6% in one estate and 3.4% in the other].

You can find more detail on the story here 

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