Thursday 5 June 2014

How KM is spreading from big to little organisations.

So far, Knowledge Management has been a Big Company game, but this is changing.

This is another conclusion from the Knoco 2104 Knowledge Management survey, and is neatly illustrated in the bar chart shown here.

Among the data collected through the survey was a subjective assessment of the maturity of knowledge management, described as "We are investigating KM but have not yet started", "We are in the early stages of introducing KM", "We are well in progress with KM", and "KM is embedded in the way we work".

The picture above shows how this maturity level varies with company size.

It is clear that there is a very close link between size and maturity, and the larger organisations are the most mature. Knowledge Management has historically been a big-company activity, and early starters in KM were mostly the large multinationals. These companies are therefore the most mature.

However smaller companies are catching up, and the trend shown here may represent Knowledge Management spreading from the large organisations to the medium sized and smaller companies.

An exception to this size trend is the smallest category of company, many of which are niche consultancies for whom Knowledge Management is business critical.

For as assessment of your own KM maturity, use our quick online survey or book a detailed assessment.

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