Friday 28 March 2014

What's the state of KM in the world today?

Question Box by Raymond Bryson on Flickr
Knowledge Management is nearly 2 decades old, yet remains in many ways an immature discipline.

There is no agreement over what KM involves or how it should be addressed. Arguments still break out over its definition, what it should be called, and even whether it exists at all.

One way to make sense of this complex field is to take an overview of current practice around the world and across industries, and to see;
  • What people commonly include under a KM heading 
  • What their common KM focus is, and how this translates into value delivered 
  • What resources, technology and processes they apply 
  • Where the value has been generated from KM to date, and 
  • What barriers they face, and what the effective enablers are. 
That's the idea behind the Knoco Global Survey of Knowledge Management, 2014 - to answer these questions, and many more.

Please participate in this survey if you can. 

Together we can build up a picture of Global KM in 2014.

Your participation would be extremely useful if you can answer on behalf of an organisation (not a single person) of any size, sector or geography, which;

  • Is currently implementing Knowledge management,
  • Has already implemented Knowledge Management
  • Is currently planning to implement Knowledge Management,
  • Has reviewed Knowledge Management and decided against it, or
  • Has tried to implement Knowledge Management in the past, but given up.

 Find more details on the Knoco website, or take part in the survey now

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