Friday 27 December 2013

The 10 most popular KM posts of 2013

Support for this blog has been steady in 2013, despite a couple of periods when I was away with a client, with no Internet access.

The most popular posts of the year are listed below; if you missed any of them, then please have a look now!

1. How to explain the difference between knowledge and information

Illustrating the difference between Information and Knowledge, with a story or an example.

2. The Knowledge Management strategy map

Adding a knowledge management layer to the Strategy Map

3. The four barriers to Knowledge Management

A generic look at what holds back the transfer of knowledge from supplier to receiver

4. Three reasons to keep the name with the knowledge 

Why knowledge needs to remain personal

5. "Social media will destroy the value in KM - discuss"

A potentially provocative discussion, the conclusion being that it can, if you are not careful

6. How new graduates search for knowledge

Generational approaches to finding knowledge

7. 14 barriers to lesson-learning

What makes lesson-learning so difficult?

8. The four Ifs of Knowledge Management

What happens when any of the 4 key enablers is missing

9. Learning before, during and after - how to embed KM

One of the basic KM models, and how to use it

10. Anonymity in company online forums - yes or no

No! And here's the reason why.


Unknown said...

Very nice summary and graph, thank you!
My question to the graph, because the page and blog curves are so in sync: Are the page views also including the blogs or are they really separate?
I guess, the holidays like Christmas/New Year and summer are also visible.

Nick Milton said...

Hi Alwin. For every visit to this blog, I get about 1.4 page views. Most people read only the one article, but some people follow links to other pages. The ratio of visits to page views has remained constant at about 1.4 for several years now.

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