Saturday 6 July 2013

Brian O'Driscoll on Knowledge Management

Brian O'Driscoll To celebrate the final of the Lions' Series* today, here's Brian O'Driscoll's** take on the value of Knowledge.

"I played on instinct in 2001. My rugby awareness is a lot better nowadays. My understanding of players and why we do what we do, why you run these lines, why you tackle a certain way. There's a lot of things you pick up by playing. I've played a lot of rugby and if you pick up one thing each time you play, there is a wealth of knowledge there."

Maybe that's a good way to approach Knowledge Management in organisations as well - "Pick up at least one thing each time you play"

*a northern hemisphere Rugby Union tour of Australia
** a famous and highly skilled Rugby player, captain of the Ireland team, unaccountably dropped for the final.

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Dr. Marc Cashin said...

Absolutely agree, learn by doing, wise words from Brian, thats what make good players (team members) great! "Pick up one thing each time you play..." - Reflection, asking yourself:- How can I improve the way I'm doing what I'm doing...

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