Tuesday 16 April 2013

Knowledge roles at E&Y

01 (100) OK, this is quite an old article (2000), but it contains an interesting description of Knowledge Management Roles associated with the E&Y communities of practice (they called them COINs, or Communities of Interest Networks).

The roles are described as follows

Business Unit Knowledge Manager/Knowledge Network Managers 
Knowledge managers have been appointed in almost all business units at E&Y. Their role is to ensure that KM (including content collection and development) takes place in their business unit. Knowledge Managers have an important role in ensuring that KM fits in with the strategic direction of the business unit to which they belong. 
Network Chairs
Generally E&Y Partners or Senior Managers, they facilitate the knowledge management process. Often described internally as being in charge of converting “hearts and minds” to KM. 
Assignment Knowledge Managers 
On larger assignments, a professional is usually assigned a KM role. This involves two key distinct responsibilities. First, they are responsible for the knowledge process on the assignment and, second, they ensure that the knowledge generated on the assignment is harnessed. 
Subject Matter Specialist 
Subject Matter Specialists are E&Y professionals that have particular expertise in an industry, process, or discipline. These roles are designed to facilitate the networking process. 

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