Thursday 7 March 2013

Quantified KM success stories #53 - BP examples

53.ElvertBarnes.SW.WDC.5oct06 To continue our occasional series of quantified success stories, here are a couple of success stories from BP, quoted in this speech by the Group IT VP to the society of organisational learning.

"One of our engineers in Norway was using a combination of drilling tools in an unusual way and was achieving a dramatic improvement by doing so-an improvement worth $300,000. He put his idea onto the BP intranet and the very next day it was read by his colleagues in Trinidad. They applied it and made the very same gains.

 "Our marketing manager in Cape Town was looking for help from our worldwide marketing network, and he got back some ideas from our team in Aberdeen, Scotland. The result was a breakthrough in his thinking which he used to pull off a major deal selling lubricants in Tanzania".

The second was unquantified, the first is a story I know well, which delivered further gains in other parts of the company.

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