Wednesday 5 September 2012

Marketing knowledge management outwards, to market inwards

2006-03-31 7-23-01 PM_0121 Internal marketing and communications are both key to the culture change that Knowledge Management both needs and supports.

 One particular trick we have seen work extremely well, is to communicate your KM successes to the outside world, so that the messages can trickle back in.

People within the company see these messages, and think "Hey, we seem to be recognised as being good at KM, Perhaps I had better take it seriously.

 Here are a couple of quotes from Knowledge Managers who have taken this approach

 "As a company, we tend to learn more from people outside the company than from inside so we were deliberately trying to create a reputation that would come back into our company"  
 “My recommendation to anybody in any organisation, is to identify who the key players are in other organisations in your sector or area, and talk to them as well, so that you are planting various seeds not only in your own organisation, but across the sector. After a while, because all these key players talk to each other, you find that you have started to connect them up and they are talking to each other”.
So add this tactic to your communication arsenal - communicate your successes outwards as well as inwards; the message may make its way back in, and will have gained added credibility from its external "source".

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