Tuesday 17 July 2012

KM success story #44 - Lafarge

14.05.2009 44'44'' Success story found here - unfortunately not with a dollar value

In Lafarge, the Langkawi story is the most important example of a “postmortem”. A cement plant in Malaysia wanted to increase its use of petrol coke, a efficient energy that can be used by cement kilns. The technical director it was facing some challenges with the build up of residue in the kiln as a result of burning petcoke. 

 Using the technical centres and the knowledge sharing databases he discovered that a best practices developed by another cement plant. An experience exchange was organized and the two plants with the help of the technical centre collaborated on the implementation of the solution. The learning curve was sped up thanks to this exchange of knowledge. In 2001, petrol coke was used at 32% by the Langkawi plant. One year later it was used at 80% by the same plant, reducing the energy costs and increasing the returns in a shorter period of time.

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