Tuesday 15 May 2012

17 value delivery mechanisms for Communities of Practice

Close-up of the number 17 in red paint Here's a list we made a while ago, in conjunction with Adel Al-Terkait, of the different mechanisms by which a community of practice can add value to an organisation. No doubt you can think of more!

  1. Solve problems for each other 
  2. Learning before 
  3. Learning during 
  4. Learning after 
  5. Benchmark performance with each other 
  6. Exchanging resources 
  7. Collaborating on purchasing (buying things that any one member could not justify) 
  8. Collaborating on contracts (using the purchasing power of the community) 
  9. Cooperating on trials and pilots 
  10. Sharing results of studies 
  11. Exchanging equipment (re-use old equipment, share spares) 
  12. Warning of risks 
  13. Mentoring and coaching each other 
  14. Building and maintaining documented Best Practices 
  15. Developing checklists and templates 
  16. Identifying knowledge retention issues 
  17. Identifying training gaps and collaborating on training provision 
  18. Innovation – new products, services or opportunities


Unknown said...

Hi Nick,

Agree with every point on that list. I think the following points already fit in with your existing 17, however:

18. Opportunity to upskill new starters from existing subject matter or domain experts

19. Provide a sense of belonging and pride that can occur from belonging to a practice

Nick Milton said...

Thanks Arshad - good additions!

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