Tuesday 17 April 2012

When do you need a Peer Assist:?

Here are some guidelines for whether a Peer Assist is the right solution for a project

  • The project recognises that it needs knowledge
  • The required knowledge is complex knowledge, which has not been codified into standards and best practices.
  • The Project team has tried traditional knowledge sharing methods such as iLearning, formal training, expert support etc.
  • The scope of work, and the issues which need to be discussed, are clear.
  • The project team have enough knowledge of the subject but still need expertise and experience from other people to help them make the correct decision.
  • The project team are still open to new ideas and challenges, and are not yet comitted to a course of action
  • The potential saving exceeds the cost of the meeting.
  • Therefore they need a Peer Assist

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