Thursday 1 December 2011

KM embedded into a project plan

Project Management Plan Knowledge management delivers value in a sustainable way, when it becomes embedded into normal activity; when it becomes a routine part of project activity, and incorporated into project plans and activities.

Below is a section of a project plan task list, from a company which has done that embedding.

Knowledge Management
  • Develop Knowledge Management Plan for Project Construction Stage and start implementation
  • Conduct project management peer assist workshop
  • Conduct financial management peer assist workshop
  • Arrange lessons learned workshop on management of contracts by company sector management team
  • Arrange peer assist workshop on Operator Training Simulator with Africa unit
  • Migration of Document Management System from X to Y, implement Management of Change with affected contractors
  • Summary Monthly Reports to dissemination high level progress information to Stakeholders
Now some of those tasks are more about document management, and about progress reporting, but there is a lot of KM in there as well. And once an activity is in the project plan, it will happen.

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