Tuesday 29 November 2011

A new KM barrier

shy Here's a new KM barrier I heard recently, which I had not come across before.

"Everybody is really busy, so I don't like to ask anyone for help and advice. If I do ask a question, I make sure it is a really simple one, so as not to bother them".

This is almost like institutional shyness, or institutional deference.

The result is that knowledge is not shared, people work inefficiently, mistakes are made, rework is needed, and as a result .... everybody is really busy!

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Global Knowledge Citizen said...

Amen! I am working with a client who has this exact problem - they are soo busy - I believe it's now a mental model! They choose to be reactive rather than proactive. I am trying to coach a few pilot teams and a core community of volunteers to do things differently.

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