Friday 28 October 2011

Re-creating success in KM

4Rs RHC Creative Theme We often talk of value delivery in KM coming from two areas
  • Never repeating mistakes,
  • Always replicating successes
I came across an organisation recently which has subtly rewritten these two. Instead they talk about

  • Never repeating mistakes,
  • Always re-creating successes

  • I like this re-emphasis. By saying "re-creating" instead of "replicating" they recognise that learning is seldom applied within the same context as that where it was created. Knowledge, experience and lessons will be reapplied in a different context, and there will need to be some adaption, before there is adoption. There will need to be some re-creation, before there is reapplication.

    The lessons and knowledge will add value; not through blind copying, but through applying the lessons from the past in the context of the future.

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