Tuesday 30 August 2011

KM in the NRC - Quantified success story 20

20 euros An interesting post here about Knowledge Management within the Nuclear Energy Commission.

A few things struck me - firstly that NRC estimates it loses 4,000 work years of experience every year through attrition and retirement.

Secondly, the KM Framework thay are using to deal with this, incluring retention, mentoring, communities of practice etc.

Finally, they give us a value figure

By making information readily available through the Knowledge Center, NRC estimates it saved $37 million between October 2009 and September 2010, Eng said. Having communities of practice for new inspectors and providing links to training resources, for example, has decreased the time it takes a new employee to pass his oral board by six months, down to a year and a half. Those employees are able to work on their own sooner as opposed to being paired with more experienced workers.

So the value in this case is measured through more rapid onboarding. There may be additional value through better decision making, and fewer errors, but these are harder to quantify

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