Tuesday 3 May 2011

KM beyond culture change

There's a lot written and spoken about KM and culture change, even on this blog.

However there comes a time when culture change is no longer the big issue. There come a time when the company has bought the concept, and the culture is already tipping, and you move to the next big issue, which is Process.

Culture sells the WHY

After the WHY, you need to define HOW and WHO and WHEN and WHERE.

That's where you get into KM as a Framework, or a set of process, role/accountabilities and supporting technologies.

We are working with a company right now who have bought the WHY, and are onto the next step, which is to embed a KM Framework into their operating processes. We are working with them to fully document the framework. We are drawing process flows, we are writing RACI charts, we are looking at issues of performance management of KM. It's really refreshing, and there is a lot of experience we can draw on, from our own work and from world-class organisations that similarly have gone Beyond Culture in KM. This is where the long-term value will be added, if we can fully embed a working framework.

So please, worry about the culture change. And also, at the same time, worry about what comes after. Once you have sold "Why KM" you then have to define "How KM".

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