Tuesday 26 April 2011

Learning to change the culture

There is a linked-in conversation at the moment on "activities that support you in promoting a culture of KS and KM within your organizations"

My suggestion for answering this question would be to look at activities that support promoting any positive existing culture in your organisation.

  • How do you promote a culture of Safety?
  • How do you promote a culture of Quality?
  • How do you promote a culture of Diversity?

One of the key tenets of KM is "learning before doing", and learning about how to effect internal culture change is core knowledge for the KM team.

Find the people involved in previous cultural initiatives in your organisation. Talk to them. Hold a Peer Assist with them. Learn the lessons from their success or failure. Learn what they did, and what they wish they had done. Learn how behaviours associated with the safety culture/quality culture/diversity culture have been changed, set, embedded and sustained.

Then apply that knowledge to your KM initiative.

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