Friday 25 March 2011

KM plans on the increase

Recently we have found increasing interest from clients for KM Plans and KM Planning workshops. 
 KM plans are a way of focusing a project team on the KM activities associated with their project. This concept has been taken up enthusiastically by a number of our clients, and the Planning Workshops have evolved as a means of creating the plan. These workshops last half a day to a day, and involve the whole team in a discussion of the critical knowledge needed by the project or the business, and of the actions that need to be taken to ensure this knowledge is managed. The process is a simple one, and the main benefit of these workshops really is to provide an opportunity and a structure for a team conversation about learning, in the very early stages of the activity, when learning is of most value. As one of our clients reported recently

Various small projects and studies have starting up and every one is undergoing a K Planning workshop to create a Knowledge Plan. Of course, once you have done this, then it becomes easier to get Peer Assists done to. It helps to link in various KM activities of course, and we are starting to get a sense that the K Plan is being seen as something normal and routine”

I think what appeals to people about KM plans is that they are new, and they help you think through your project "through a knowledge lens". Project folk are used to planning, and knowledge-focused planning is a new way of looking at things, that often creates new insights (even if it is "Good grief, we have a lot to learn"!)

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gerald said...

Hi, Nick,
I am getting repetive, another very important topic. An often encountered failure is to consider KM only after the project (problem with that is that knowledge needs have not identified, the task not modularized - in order to create re-usable assets, and often not reusable assets created - only tailored made.
We call it "Organize work for re-use". Essential to create value out of the knowledge.


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