Wednesday 1 December 2010


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Continuing the sport theme, I was watching a video of Guy Mercer, one of the up and coming young players at Bath Rugby, and he mentioned a term I have not heard of before in the context of performance and learning.

He referred to a Review/Preview - a meeting where the players review their performance at the previous weekend's match, watch the video from the game, identify the points where they made progress and the times when they were knocked back, identify their strengths and weaknesses, the effective tactics and ineffective tactics, and decide (with the help of the coaches) what they want to work on or change for the next weekend's match.

In many ways this is like an After Action Review, though with the added piece of process of tacking on a forward plan as well. I like this concept. For a team, it can be an effective tactic to drive continuous performance improvement. And for a rugby team, there is the added impetus that every other team in the tournament will be doing the same thing. The team that does not learn, heads for the bottom of the table.

Perhaps we should approach our business learning in the same spirit!

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