Thursday 16 September 2010

What do your staff want from KM?


One of my friends asked his organisation "what does your team want from the KM project"?
That's a very good question, and these are the answers he got back.
Note that there is a lot there about finding stuff, a lot there about not losing knowledge, and a lot about "who knows who" and general connectivity.
  • A central place to be able to store and find key information and knowledge in an organised and easily accessible way.
  • A clear place to be able to show new staff where key information is kept, as part of their orientation.
  • Each team to have a learning conscience person to connect with
  • With service / support teams, the learning to be integrated with the learning of the teams they support.
  • When people leave, or are absent for periods, their knowledge is captured by exit interview for others to use.
  • Avoid re-learning things and starting things from scratch, to improve what we do by capturing lessons.
  • To know who knows what in the organisation.
  • To have more collaboration and learning between teams
  • Increased connectivity and awareness in the organisation.
  • Make clear the tools and techniques of KM.
  • Put in a process for managing / coordinating external key relationships.
  • Clarity about how to transmit company values
  • To allow a process to take time out to reflect and see insights that can feed into strategy and planning next time
  • To be able to see that Learning is being incorporated into the next time things are done.
  • When people come back from long term assignments overseas, to capture what they have learnt.
  • Increased awareness of what other roles are like, to help plan job moves within the organisation.
  • To build knowledge on team leadership
  • Updated and clear procedures to follow
  • Information on why teams are deviating from budgeted plans
  • When partners ring asking if we have experience in an area, the ability to be able to tell quite quickly without having to email everyone.
  • To have a well organised country and partner contact details information set.
I am not suggesting that you use answers like this to build your KM strategy (as there are other stakeholders, and also people may not know whats possible), but you still need to deal with enough of these issues that the organisation will be grateful for KM.

So this is a great question to ask, as this starts to define the WIIFM for some of the key stakeholders.



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Md Santo said...


The best way to answering the inquiry of 'What do your staff want from KM?' among others is to put your example issues of KM in a KM Visual Map.
If you don't mind, let me try to mapping your issue list, after that hoping to get some feed back from you.


Md Santo

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