Tuesday 14 September 2010

Change quote

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change"
Charles Darwin

For species, also read Companies


Md Santo said...

Dear Nick,

Let me create its version in KM way as follow :

“It is not ‘KM Tools’ of the Companies that survive, nor ‘KM Process Framework’, but one having most ‘KM Standard Culture &Value’ to change.

(Ref sources among others http://www.doxtop.com/fullscreen/flash/content.aspx?pd=3a440352 http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/kmtools+kmprocessframework+kmstandards http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/humansystembiology )

Md Santo

Nick Milton said...

You can't separate them.

Culture and value are no use without tools and process framework; tools and process framework are no use without culture.

I would not put one as more important than the other - they are all legs on the same table.

Md Santo said...

Yes, I agree that ‘they are all legs on the same table’ and I don't mean to separate them.

But, in my view as well as from my concept on Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) Model, KM Tools as ‘Corporate Senses’ be similar to human (peripheral) senses as knowing tool or Knowledge with Lower Consciousness (KLC). We give weighted score 1 as value of KLC. On the other hand, KM Process Framework as ‘Corporate Mind Brain’ be similar to human mind brain (personal learning and education) as Knowledge with Medium Consciousness (KMC). We give weighted score 3 as value of KMC. And lastly, KM Standards (Culture and Value) as ‘Corporate Consciousness DNA’ be similar to human consciousness DNA ( collective learning and education) as Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC). We give weighted score 5 as value of KHC (see http://www.doxtop.com/fullscreen/flash/content.aspx?pd=3a440352 )

Both of those three KM components should integrated each other, but surely with different ‘weighted score’ considering the different of their each level of consciousness. The ‘strongest’ only weighted score 1. The ‘most intelligent’ weighted score 3. And, lastly the ‘most responsive to change’ certainly has highest weighted score 5 (see K-base http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/kmtools+kmprocessframework+kmstandards http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/humansystembiology )

Nick Milton said...

I am afraid I disagree Moesdar. You cannot weight the legs on a table ("this leg is closest to the door, so I weight it 1, this one is under the teapot so I weight it 5"). All legs are needed if the table is not to fall.

All these components of KM are important, if any one is missing, KM will fall, so all have 100% weighting.

This is not anything to do with consciousness, its to do with importance to successful KM. To use your language, an organisation that is "conscious" but has no "senses" is like a brain in a jar - not very useful!

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