Tuesday 6 July 2010

Performance Through Learning

I have just found out that you can order sections online from my previous book, Performance through Learning (Gorelick, Milton and April, 2004, Elsevier)

These are the chapters - I was author for 7,8, and 9, and co-wrote some of the others, like chapters 2 and 4

Chapter 1. The Knowledge Management Mandate - Performance Through Learning
Chapter 2. A Framework for Performance Through Learning to Produce Results
Chapter 3. Going Deeper - Elements of Knowledge for Action to Produce Results
Chapter 4. Creating a Culture for Learning
Chapter 5. Structures That Support Learning
Chapter 6. The Bottom Line-Measuring Knowledge Management Initiatives - Return On Investment
Chapter 7. British Petroleums Knowledge Management Journey - A Decade of Change
Chapter 8. Knowledge Management in the Aid and Development Sector - A Case Study in Implementation at Tearfund
Chapter 9. Knowledge Management in Business Performance at BP Well Engineering
Chapter 10. Implementing Knowledge Management Within De Beers - The Early Years
Chapter 11. Knowledge Fuel for Fighting Fires - Knowledge Capture at Ukuvuka, a Four-Year Government, Business, and Community Partnership
Chapter 12. Where Did We Start - Building Our Own Knowledge Park at Old Mutual
Chapter 13. Generating Capabilities in Communities of Practice - The Clarica Story
Chapter 14. Building a Membership Firm Through Practice Communities at Arthur Andersen
Chapter 15. Piloting Knowledge Management - Lessons Learned from the Small-Scale Approach to Design and Implementation at ETS
Chapter 16. Knowledge Management at Shell - Innovation and Integration
Chapter 17. Assessing Readiness to Successfully Implement a Knowledge Management Strategy - Back to Basics at Debswana

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