Wednesday 21 July 2010

KM success story 16, £462 million at Anglo

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"Anglo American cut a further £462 million through productivity improvements, partly driven by changes at subsidiary Anglo Platinum, where a five year knowledge management transformation has taken place to improve decision making.

..................This year (2010) Anglo American plans to invest £2.7 billion in mining projects, and is “modernising” project management processes and standards, Caroll said, “to ensure they not only capture lessons from previous projects but that they provide us with world class tools for the future allocation of capital and control of major projects”.

Anglo Platinum, a subsidiary of the group, has undergone a series of cost and operational improvement initiatives in recent years. A large knowledge management programme, focusing on tracking information from mining through refining and sales processes, aims to improve decision making".
It's a little ambiguous, though, whether the £462 million is a direct result of the KM program, or whether the two were just going on at the same time.

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