Tuesday 2 March 2010

How often do you .....

There's an interesting blog post here about the frequency of use of social media. The picture shown here is reproduced from that post, and is from a survey described as follows

"The survey was targeted at current LinkedIn, Facebook, and InformationZen participants, as well as readers of the Digital Landfill blog. The intent was to focus on business use of social media tools outside the firewall by users, suppliers, and consultants in the information management space. The survey was conducted in February 2010 and had 332 respondents. Feel free to reuse any statistics with the attribution "AIIM, Survey of Social Media Activists, http://www.aiim.org"

We have recently started taking similar surveys as part of our Knowledge Management Assessment and Audit protocol, and the results have been very interesting. For example, we might find a company that says "yes, we capture lessons at the end of our projects", "yes, we make extensive use of communities of practice" and "yes, we have a complete suite of KM tools", but when you look at usage levels, the garden is not so rosy.

So I would say - extend this survey to cover not just social media, but all the tools, processes, technologies and roles of KM. It's a great way to see what's actually being done in reality.

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