Thursday 18 March 2010

Cats and dogs

Cats and Dogs
Originally uploaded by Petteri Sulonen
Imagine if I defined "Dog ownership" as follows.

"Dog ownership is a way of looking after, taking care of, and taking
responsibility for cats within private houses. It refers
specifically to utilities and methods made to maintain the wellbeing of cats held by private individuals, as well as processes designed to extract pleasure and companionship from those cats. A major point of dog
ownership has to do with cats which make particularly good

Wouldn't you think I had somehow got cats and dogs muddled, and were in fact describing cat ownership, not dog ownershp?

Now tell me what this website is describing?

"Knowledge management is a way of deliberate compilation, transfer, preservation
and management of information within companies, in addition to
systems designed to extract the most from that information. It
refers specifically to utilities and methods made to preserve data and
held by individuals who make up the establishment. It is at
once a software bazaar and a section of consultancy work is related to fields
such as competitive intelligence. A major point of knowledge management has to
do with information that isn’t effortless to digitally codify,
such as individual experiences.

Seems to me they have their dogs and cats muddled up.

For a better definition of Knowledge management, see the definition video on our page of knowledge management videos

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