Monday 22 February 2010

Lessons Learned Video

My most recent video on Youtube, on the topic of "lessons learned" (now superceded here)


Jackie Eaton said...


I really like your video. I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head with your opinions and am eagerly awaiting your LL Handbook. I also intend to promote use of this video as a training material for LL Officers in NATO.

However...Could you make it a bit more exciting and engaging? I'm working with military here, not academics and I think they're going to lose it with this dry, academic presentation style. I would be interested to work with you to spice it up if you are interested. I think it might be beneficial to us both.

Nick Milton said...

Sure! That would be great!

I am already unhappy with this one, recorded in poor light in a Kuwait hotel room, but I wanted to get the message out, pending some studio time somewhere to get better quality.

mail me at

Anonymous said...

is there an updated version since you removed this video?

Nick Milton said...

Yes, see link above

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