Wednesday 13 January 2010


Horse eye
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KUDA is an acronym I picked up from Henky S. Chahyadi, of Sinarmas. It makes more sense in Malasian, where Kuda means "horse", but its another dimension to the Data/Information/Knowledge pyramid.

Poeple often put Wisdom on the top of the pyramid. Henky's KUDA suggests that in fact the pyramid leads elsewhere, and that elsewhere is represented by KUDA


These four lead rapidly from one to another, and the outcome of Knowledge is Action, rather than wisdom.

We are walking in the desert
We know about rattlesnakes
We understand what it means when we hear the rattle
We decide this is a danger signal
We take another route.

Without the knowledge, we would be in danger. However the knowledge would be useless without the understanding, the decision, and the action.

So by all means focus on the K, but dont forget the UDA!

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