Wednesday 6 January 2010

KM as one of the "four forces of change"

Here is an interesting article which suggests that KM is one of the four main forces of change in organisation, and one of the organisational skills now needed by managers. I quote

"Globalization, technological change, knowledge management and collaboration
limits of the cross are four factors that are key to creating change in
organizations today.

"These changes affect the decisions that
organizations are forced to recognize that they need leaders who are innovative,
creative people who understand the different environments that operate within
their organizations, and are able to distinguish between these

"Knowledge Management

"Driving forces, such as by changing demographics and buyer preferences,
technology, product innovation and market changes in society, attitudes of
consumption and lifestyles, all ideas for new applications. This has created a
need for knowledge workers.

Knowledge workers are the intellectual
capital of a society composed of people with creative ideas and solving
problems. Managing knowledge assets can give a company a competitive advantage
because it uses effectively the skills, abilities, intelligence, and the reports
of the organization.

"For example, the efforts of the strategic
management of an enterprise can be greatly enhanced when knowledge that resides
in its pool of international talent is stuck at the source, as a manager who is
"closer to the ground" and part of local culture may be better able to sense
changes in the environment than those who do not.

"Keeping employees
motivated and encouraged by the knowledge of the organizations cited as
intrinsic and extrinsic to rethink and modify their benefits and compensation
methods, and perhaps redefine the traditional concept of the employment
relationship into something new, as a business entrepreneurmodel, for example".

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